Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nonprofit Law Podcast #43: The Best IRS Publication Revamped

The Best IRS Publication Revamped

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IRS revamps Pub 1828, the Guide to Churches and Religious Organizations
  • IRS Publication 1828 (PDF) - Designed for religious organizations, but this guide is an excellent parallel resource for secular charities as well
  • Inurement and Private Benefit
    • No special deals for insiders
    • No charitable dollars to individuals' "private benefit"
  • Employment Tax
    • The basic ins and outs of withholding and other issues
  • Payment Of Employee Business Expenses
    • How to properly reimburse
  • Recordkeeping Requirements
    • Simple rules for keeping the IRS happy if you're audited
  • Substantiation and Disclosure Rules for Donations
    • What you have to do when you receive tax-deductible donations
  • A great index to other relevant IRS pubs (special note to my silver medal for best IRS pub: Publication 557)
  • Update reflects some of the examples and guidance from Rev. Rul. 2007-41
    • Examples illustrating the application of the facts and circumstances test for campaign intervention
    • If you're a non-religious org, check out the Revenue Ruling... Pub 1828 focuses on the religious org examples


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