Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nonprofit Law Podcast #37: Decoding the Nonprofit Form

Decoding the Nonprofit Form

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How you can pick up clues on the type of nonprofit you hear about in the news

This show is all about figuring out the type of nonprofit
A recent article on David Brock's new organizational involvement spurred this:
"Brock wouldn't detail Progressive Media USA's strategy, and stressed that - as required by his group's nonprofit status - the spending would be on a mix of direct electoral politics and issue ads with no direct connection to the race." (Politico/
What type of nonprofit?
501(c)(3)? Check out their website... do they allow for charitable deductions for donations? Does the solicitation page specifically say contributions are NOT deductible?
Deductible? 501(c)(3)... likely a public charity
If not... keep looking for more clues!
Does the organization engage in ALL election activity supporting or opposing a candidate?
Probably a 527
Does it do mixed advocacy - some supporting or opposing a candidate and some not?
Probably a 501(c)(4)... Progressive Media USA might event have both a (c)(4) and an affiliated 527, so it's not always as easy to pick out everything from one source!

Little clues here in there can lead you find out without relying on the cheat (Guidestar or a personal visit to the offices!)

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